Friday, September 19, 2014

Family Time

Being with family is just the greatest.

Mid-August Logan and I got to spend a week and a half in Houston with my family. This was a really fun trip for me because Logan was full on walking at that point so he was able to play with my family. The first toy he found in my parent's house was their Dollar Store broom and he carried that thing around like he was their new maid. His toy horizons expanded to a baby roller coaster and a bike seat! Mimi & GK's house is so much fun!

Flirting with the flight attendant gets you special privileges!
Stand tall and carry the biggest stick you can find!
Putting a helmet on a kid whose head is already in the
100%ile is probably the funniest thing ever
Baby bike ride
A Houston water park
Goodnight hugs for his GK 
Mimi lets Logan do things Mommy won't let him do and it's FUNNY!
Helping Mimi get ready for the day
Pool time
It seems that every time we visit Texas, College Station beckons for us to come visit. I mean, why not? It's only a little over an hour away. We got to see the brand new stadium and my sister's new townhouse.
Layne's chicken... yummmm
Playing with Miss "Reveille"
Cant. Stay. Awake.
 Shortly after Mitchell joined us in Houston, we made the drive up to Longview to spend a few days with Mitchell's parents. The trip was not conveniently timed in that his mom was starting a brand new year of school but we made due and got to spend fun time with them in the evenings.

Walking under beautiful East Texas trees with Grandpa
Wagon time!
Playing piano with Gram
Baby Turtle slippers
We had a great time and ended our Texas visit with a trip to Disney World. And of course, Disney gets it's own post.