Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was such a blast this year that it is blog-worthy. I just have to say that doing things with kids makes it so much more fun. Logan was still pretty itty bitty last year during Halloween so having a walking, playing, interactive kid this year made it so much fun!

Halloween 2013
Trick-or-treating with friends on Halloween last year
Let's start with his costume. There are not many 14 month olds that are still bald so we decided that we wanted to capitalize on the baldness with this year's costume and who better to dress a bald baby as than Charlie Brown! It was perfect and so recognizable to everyone we saw. 

A friend's Halloween party (10/25):
The first occasion to dress up as Charlie Brown was at a friend's Halloween party. Mitchell and Logan BOTH dressed up as Charlie and it was awesome!

Boo at the Zoo (10/30): 
We went to the zoo's Halloween event with our neighbors. It was threatening to rain on Halloween so I think an excessive amount of people showed up to the event the night before. It was so jam packed and kinda not worth it. There was trick-or-treating at booths, a magic show and dance party. We enjoyed all of these things but were ready to be done after being there only an hour and a half.
Noah and Logan
Boo at the Zoo
On Halloween!
We started the morning off right with a free scary face pancake at IHOP.

Stroller Strides: 
I have been participating in Stroller Strides and have absolutely loved it. The workout is great (not just walking with strollers), it's a fun play time for Logan and an opportunity for me to meet and talk to other moms. Well, Stroller Strides had a big Halloween event, including stroller trick-or-treating.
Half the group and our instructor
Our treat we gave out - cheese balls
stroller trick-or-treating
with his loot!
Halloween play group:
We have been blessed to spend our Fridays with our play group that we have gone to before Logan was even born. We hosted this play group and as always, it was crazy busy but a blast!
My attempt at a giant spider web
Cutest kids ever!
Halloween crafts!
We rendezvous-ed with our friends in their neighborhood and went out for some trick-or-treating! Eight kids and eight adults. The rain held off and we had a blast! Logan loved trick-or-treating. He waved at everyone to say thank you for the candy. 

Such a fun Halloween making special family memories! :)