Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Adventure Begins...

Mitchell and I are moving to Sacramento, California!

We are both proud Texans (Mitchell more so than me) and love our state and our life in this state but as our friends and family can attest to, we love an adventure. We have always longed for an adventure in another part of the world. We have both always said we'd move in a heartbeat if the right opportunity came up. Well, it finally came up and it was a lot harder to make the decision to go. We both loved our jobs in Houston, we go to a great church, we have awesome friends that we have fun with and our families are close. We just got married and so far married life in Texas has been great so why move?

We almost didn't go. We almost said no but I remember thinking, "This is what I've wanted for so long now! Get out of Houston and experience something else! If we pass up this opportunity, how can I ever claim that again?". We both knew we needed to go. We needed each other to say, "Yes, let's do it!". We needed to feel like the Lord was guiding us in that direction. All of that was affirmed and we accepted the position in California. Mitchell starts his new job on November 7th while I stay in Houston and finish the semester at school. After Christmas, we will both be 100% in Sacramento. :)

Right now, we are still looking for a place to live and some of Mitchell's future coworkers have graciously allowed him to live with them for a few weeks while he looks for a place for us. We are currently planning the move up there like how to get the cars up there, how much to move now and how much to leave for the movers after Christmas, who to hire for our mover, etc. We will be driving my car, the CR-V up there next weekend loaded down with what Mitchell needs until Christmas and then I'll fly back home. Without him. :( But only for a few weeks!

That's the story and that's where we're at! This blog is our way to keep in touch with people while we are out there. We will miss everyone so very much and even though the reality of that hasn't sunk in yet, I know it will be tough when we pull out of Houston for the last time as residents. We are excited about the prospect of visitors so if you want to come, come on! Check on us every once in awhile and if we slack on posting, get on us! Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers. They mean the world to us!