Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trip to Texas

Through a series of events lining up, it was decided that Logan and I would go to Texas the first week of May while Mitchell was spending the week at a power plant up north. We decided that I would fly into the Dallas area so we could spend a few days with Mitchell's parents and then head to Houston for the week with my family. I always feel a touch guilty when I go to Texas without Mitchell because he rarely gets to visit as much as I do. Luckily,  I was able to convince him to come for the weekend in Dallas so that he could see his family. We decided to keep this a secret from his mom and surprise her at the airport when she thought she was just picking up Logan and me. It was a success! We were thankful to have the whole family together for the weekend.

Napping on the plane
Keeping his Gram and Aunt Susie entertained
At a wedding in the Texas country! 
A little light reading with Grandpa
Entertaining his Gram and Grandpa during breakfast
Entertaining everyone even during bath time
Enjoying Susie's back porch
Logan loves his Aunt Katy!
Sitting in his great grandmother's rocking chair she had as a child
With his great grandmother, Mamaw
Four generations!

Logan and his great grandmother, Memom 
He found the toy drawer at Memom's house!
Logan and his uncles

Cinco de Mayo fiesta
Schoelman family minus Liddy & Mitchell 
Explorin' Mimi's house
Chit chatting with Mimi's friends
Getting stuck under the bed - Mimi to the rescue!
Lunch in College Station with Liddy & Libby
Sweet time with my besties!
Logan with his great grandmother, G Dot
Cheesin' it up because he just spilled rice crispies all over Mimi's floor
Logan and his Mimi
Houston :)
A thunderstorm was rolling through
Logan loves his Aunt Liddy!
GK and Logan
Heading back to Daddy in Cali
We wish we could see all of our family and friends when we are home but our time is so limited and I hate to steal time away from the grandparents. It's been a tough week adjusting back to normal at home but it's always worth it to see loved ones.