Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Send Off

Gifts have been delivered, families have been visited, meals have been shared and Christmas decorations have made their way back to storage... Christmas 2011 is over!

We are very fortunate to have this time with all of our family before we officially move to the West Coast. Even though we explained Mitchell's new job, recounted the last 6 weeks and shared our moving plans at least 20 times to all the different relatives, we felt showered with love and well wishes.

Here's what we've been up to:
Dec 22 - drive to Longview and have Christmas with the Martins (Santa brought a tent!)

Dec 23 - drive to Grand Prairie and enjoy Christmas with Mitchell's dad's side of the family plus the Cadmus', our additional family from the Grand Gathering at Disney World in September
Dec 24 - Christmas with the Olivers, Mitchell's mom's side of the family and then drive back to Houston
Dec 25 - Christmas with the Schoelmans and Bensons combined! First thing in the morning, we went and served Christmas lunch to a men's shelter in downtown Houston called Star of Hope.

Even though the plans seem busy and overwhelming we are thankful for our loved ones and all the encouragement they sent our way. Mitchell and I are both so very blessed to have awesome families and to truly enjoy our in-laws. Neither of us can say one bad thing about the families we married into. So if you are one of those family members, thank you for your unending support and love! We know we will miss y'all greatly as we head off to California but we are only a phone call, text message, email, blog update, FaceTime, Twitter post or Facebook status update away! ;)

Merry Christmas from theM. Martins!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Recap in 100 words or less

Here's what has happened in the last 2ish months

We bought our new mode of transportation...

We took 3 days and drove the CR-V from Houston to Sacramento stopping at the Grand Canyon on the way. We both caught a stomach bug on the road and spent several hours vomiting every 20-30 minutes.

We found a house with two orange trees in our yard with edible oranges!

Mitchell came home for Thanksgiving and Chrissy spent a weekend in Sac.

Our apartment is packed on the 27th, loaded on the 28th and we leave on December 29th!