Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween & Disneyland

I think the last time I seriously dressed up for Halloween was my senior year of college. It had been awhile so when we were invited to a Halloween Party this year, we decided to put some effort into it. We have really gotten into a TV show on Netflix that was canceled 6 years ago, Arrested Development. If you haven't watched the 3 seasons, you should. It's hilarious! So a married couple on the show is Lindsay Bluth Funke and Tobias Funke and we figured we could do those two pretty easily...
The real Tobias & Lindsay
Us as Tobias & Lindsay - our costumes are from the show

Our friends at the party!
In other news, we're going to Disneyland tomorrow! :D

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Enthusiasts

People out here LOVE decorating for Halloween. I mean, they go all out. Mitchell and I took a 45 minute walk around our neighborhood and I took these photos.
Note the spider hanging from the porch ceiling
Creepies in the yard and hanging from the porch
Creepies in the tree and porch
Spider web bushes
Green spider webs?
It's dangerous to go on their porch
Ominous gate
Creepies hanging from the tree
And here are our Fall/Halloween decorations! Decorating for the holidays is so fun and cheery so if you don't decorate, you should! ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Sleepover

Remember how special it was to get to sleepover at your friend's house growing up? We were never allowed to spend two night at a friend's house. We only got Friday or Saturday night and the other night you had to be at home. I never understood that rule growing up but I totally get it now.

Anyway, last weekend our church had a men's retreat that Mitchell was so pumped about going on that he recruited two of our good friends, Michael and Casey to go with him. Well Michael and Casey are both married with 1 year old boys named Colton and I happen to be pretty good friends with their wives and adore their little boys. So rather than all of us spend the weekend alone in our own houses while the guys were away, we decided to have a sleepover weekend! Since our house is not equipped for little ones, I got to spend BOTH Friday and Saturday night at a friend's house! :-O

Friday was at Allyson's house! I made Taco Soup and chips, salsa and guacamole for dinner. Our buddy Amanda joined us too when she got off of work. We put the boys to bed around 8pm and then watched The Avengers! Amanda went home after the Avengers but Kim, Allyson and I stayed up talking until about 1am! 

We finally made ourselves go to bed and in the morning, Kim snuck out early to go home and let their dog out. Allyson, Colton and I had a slow morning with coffee and bagels. Colton and I hung out while Allyson took her shower. We had fun taking pictures with my glasses on Colton. :P

After we all spent our mornings apart showering and re-packing, we rendezvous-ed at Kim's house for lunch and a brief afternoon nap for the boys before heading to the Pumpkin Patch! On the way there we tried to teach the boys how to say pumpkin and the closest we got was something like "pe-can". 

Kim with Colton Jr, Allyson with Colton Sr
We were all pretty wiped after staying up late the night before, inadequate naps for the boys and chasing them around the pumpkin patch. We made our way back home, fed the boys some dinner, cooked dinner for us and got the boys bathed and to bed.

We collapsed on the couch for another movie, ended up staying up late again talking and slowly made our way to bed.

In the morning, we got everyone up and ready for church! The guys showed up at the church when the service was over and we went to Chipotle for lunch. The guys had a great time on the retreat but I think we had even more fun during our sleepover weekend! :) 

Here is a goofy pic the guys took on the retreat:

Swinging at camp
L to R: Mitchell, Daniel, Michael, Casey