Sunday, March 24, 2013

Topher & Marcia Visit

This past weekend we had the pleasure of some of our dear friends from Houston come visit their parents in California who just happen to live in our neighborhood! They were spending the weekend at Lake Tahoe skiing and were kind enough to invite us to come up for a night and day when they were taking the day off from skiing. We were so excited to see our friends!

They were staying in South Lake Tahoe so we decided to explore Emerald Bay. It's a part of the lake that is only accessible from the lake by boat. There are no roads that drive down to the water. It's gorgeous and to add on top of it's natural beauty, it is still very snowy up there. I think we forgot that we live 2 hours from such an incredible place.

Topher & Mitchell feeling the frigid water
Topher & Marcia at Lake Tahoe!

Emerald Bay from the south - ahh the snow!
Handsome hubby taking in the beautiful view!
Lake Tahoe behind us
Emerald Bay looking out towards the rest of the lake
After driving halfway around the bay, we saw signs for a hike to Eagle Falls. We were ready to stretch our legs and climb some rocks. Mitchell was kind enough to take it slow and make sure his preggo wife didn't fall. 
Marcia and I watching the boys climb rocks we weren't comfortable climbing!
Topher getting excited about the drop off!
Friends enjoying this beautiful day at Lake Tahoe!

Eagle Falls from the top looking down
After a few hours hiking around in higher altitude than we're used to, we stopped for burgers and milkshakes at a local joint in South Lake.

Not only was the scenery and day beautiful to add to the merriness, but time with good friends just can't be beat. So thankful for time with these two, and all the Smiths!

Friday, March 15, 2013

A control freak out of control

So you only have to be pregnant for a few weeks before you start to become very sensitive to all the things you see on TV or read or see in real life about what can go wrong with your child. Think about how many stories you see on TV about children being born with this disorder or developing this illness. Or I think back to the ways I used to play as a kid, especially with my brothers, that were so dangerous! We all had our share of injuries but thankfully we healed from them without any permanent damage. But that's not always the case for some kids...

At first I thought, well I'm just going to be really good at taking my prenatal vitamin and exercising so that I can do everything possible now to help our baby be as healthy as possible. Or I would even see babies born with illness and think, well that wouldn't happen to me. What are the chances? But the more I see on TV or hear in real life, the more I realize I am so not in control. So not in control. I can't think of any other time in my life when I have cared so much about something that I have absolutely no control over. I long for a healthy baby. When I see our life with a baby, I see only a healthy baby. But I know I'm not guaranteed that. So what keeps me from going crazy and locking myself indoors?

Enter... my faith. The funny thing is we've never been in control. I think anyone can share a story about something they thought would happen that didn't play out the way they wanted (i.e. getting married by a certain age, having a child at a certain time, getting that job you wanted, having the "happy" life you pictured for yourself, etc). Check out this proverb... "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." (16:9) So for me it's simple: I am not in control of the future of our baby but I believe in the One who is. I trust the One who "created my inmost being", who "knit me together in my mother's womb" and who is busy doing the same for our child.

Whenever I start to feel those fears creep up in my mind about all the things that can go wrong, I consciously stop those thoughts and I pray to my God who is in control. Who knows what is best for myself, Mitchell and our baby. Who LOVES me so deeply and who knows "the plans I (God) have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". This gives me peace. This helps me relax. This helps me relinquish whatever control I think I have a hold on. God is in control and He can do a much better job than I ever could. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mom & Memom visit... again!

It's becoming an annual thing! But when airfare was only $200 roundtrip through Southwest, it's hard to pass up. Plus there was extra incentive to come this year... there's a baby on the way!

This trip was not the grand Californian adventure that last year was but we still had a great time. It was so helpful to hear their stories of raising babies - you can read all the books you want, but having your mom and grandma give you advice is worth so much more. Plus their opinions on how to make our little two bedroom/one bathroom duplex work for our added family member was much appreciated. And lastly, their comments on all the extra fluff that baby stores try to sell you as necessary for raising a baby made me realize that babies don't have to be as high maintenance as marketers make it seem.

Here are some pictures of their visit...

Taking a walk around the neighborhood and enjoying the beautiful spring blooms

Dinner at our house - welcome to Sacramento!

Cheers to a great visit!

Fueling up at Dad's Kitchen before a full day of shopping for baby stuff - looking, not buying

This baby will have TWO aunts who are hot and single. Haha, I thought this bib was too funny.

OMG, who would wear that in public!?

Getting some nursery ideas

The one adventurous trip we took was down to Amador County so mom and Memom could do a little wine tasting. Our first stop was a picnic lunch at Story Winery and then on to Helwig Winery, two of our favorites.

Slow Saturday mornings are the best, especially when monkey bread is on the menu!

We stumbled upon a farmer's market in Davis, CA!

Lunch with Mitchell at Burgers and Brews

This onesie says "She's NOT my Grandma, she's my Glamma" - Oh how true that is!

Strollers... why are there so many options!?

Checking out fabrics for decorating the nursery

On their last full day in Sacramento, we went down to the capitol where a bunch of college students had marched and protested to the state raising tuition and fees. We had fun joining in with them on their protest. (just kidding)

Homeboy jumped in our picture and we improvised. Memom thought it was hilarious.

While we were walking around the capitol we heard that the Assembly was in session so we went up to the gallery and sat in on it for a little while. It was neat watching them work.

They had a celebration to honor women who have done great things in the community and among the long list of women was Geena Davis! She's in the purple dress right above the plaque. She's one tall lady!

After 6 fun days, I took mom and Memom back to the airport to send them back to Houston. Mitchell and I had a wonderful time with them and are thankful for such loving and fun family members. Can't wait to see people again when we head back to Texas next month!