Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yosemite National Park... worth it!

One of the things on our California bucket list was a trip to Yosemite National Park. This incredible park happens to be 2.5 hours from Sacramento! The best time of year to visit Yosemite is April or May because all the snowmelt makes for incredible waterfalls. They are still flowing in the summer but the park is much more crowded and the waterfalls aren't as full. By the end of the summer, they are dried up. If you go any earlier in the spring, a lot of the roads are closed because they are too icy.

We spent the first day in Yosemite Valley which seems to be the most visited area of the park. Do you see all the points on the map like El Capitan, Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite Fall and Half Dome? Those are all in Yosemite Valley. At one point a massive glacier ran through that area, carving out a valley with impressive granite peaks on either side.

Driving into the valley:
Half Dome, there you are, you sneaky devil

Beautiful Merced River flowing through the valley
First hike: Bridalveil Fall
The stream crashing down below the Fall
Bridalveil Fall
Further into the valley floor and we see Yosemite Fall
This is the tallest waterfall in North America
Second hike: Vernal Fall
The start of the hike: ALL UPHILL
We got half a mile up when my prego body said no more.
We stopped for this beautiful view and then went back down.
I spy a billy goat :)
Third hike: Mirror Lake
Our picnic lunch view at Mirror Lake
At Mirror Lake with Half Dome behind us!
Fourth hike: Yosemite Fall
All three levels of Yosemite Fall
Bottom third of the Fall
The second day we went way down south to Mariposa Grove and walked among the giant sequoias. Those trees are just so grand!

The Bachelor and Three Graces
Grizzly Giant
The branches were 7ft in diameter! 
California Tunnel Tree

I found a Groupon for a little RV/cabin park about 20 miles from the entrance to the park. Our cabin was teeny tiny but when you consider how little time we spent there, it was perfect.

Standing at the door and you can see it all - haha!
If you ever get the chance to visit Yosemite, you have to go! It doesn't have to be a "camping" type trip. There are really nice hotels/lodges down in the valley and there are ranges of activities depending on how much physical exertion you want to put out. :) It was an incredible trip!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby BOY Martin

First off let's clarify something I learned in my sociology class in college...

A person's sex is what their chromosomes say that determines their reproductive organs - male (XY) or female (XX).
A person's gender is how they perceive themselves - masculine or feminine.

So this is a sex reveal, not a gender reveal. Hokay, onto the important stuff...

Drumroll please!

It's going to be a zoo around our house because we are having a BOY!

For whatever reason, I was convinced prior to our ultrasound this morning that we were having a girl. I have no idea why but obviously I was very wrong. As soon as his you-know-what popped up on the screen I knew what it was and that we were having a boy. Mitchell yelled something like, "Hot Dog! We're having a boy!". My heart quickly switched to being so excited. Ah, a boy! Our little man!

During this ultrasound they also checked the brain, heart, diaphragm, liver, kidneys, femur, umbilical cord and we got to see plenty of our little wiggle worm moving around in there. I am SO SO overjoyed to say that everything checked out and our baby is developing fabulously. We'll get the official results from our OB on Friday. Seriously, I couldn't praise God enough, especially after all of my fears. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow...

So there you have it! Mitchell and I are pumped to say that we are having a SON come August! :)