Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer 2014

Well, folks, our summer in Sacramento is coming to an end. Logan and I will fly to Houston on 8/14 to spend time with family, celebrate his 1st birthday (sniff, sniff) and go to Disney World with Mitchell's family. By the time we get back to Sac it will be September!

We kicked off the summer with my brother and sister-in-law coming out for a visit. Logan was almost 9 months old when they were out here. At that time he had completely switched from army crawling around to crawling on his hands and knees. He was an early crawler in that he figured out how to army crawl but he did that for awhile before really figuring out to crawl quickly. He was also starting to walk around the coffee table while he was holding on.

Muir Woods

Happy Memorial Day 2014!
During the month of June I signed Logan up for swim lessons at a club that our church owns. We went for 4 Thursdays and learned things like how to kick, blow bubbles, dunk under water, be comfortable on his back in the water and how to pull up on the side of the pull. Well, he had the opportunity to learn these things. Logan kinda just stared around at everyone and held onto the toys they gave him. He didn't love it or hate it.

During one week of June, I was able to volunteer with the preschoolers for Vacation Bible School at our church. I loved it! Those kids are so sweet and I love getting to know them over the course of the week. Logan stayed in the nursery for 3.5 hours of VBS and did great!

I turned 29 years old! *gasp*

Concert in the park for my birthday
We celebrated the 4th of July with our friends and walked in a parade. I love the 4th of July!

I co-hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend here. It was the first baby shower that I got to host! I loved getting to do cutesy things to prepare for the coming of Glory Claire! She'll be here in just a few weeks! Her older sister, Eden, and Logan are good buds.

The hostesses

Mitchell has enjoyed working out in the mornings at a gym in our neighborhood. He goes in the morning before work and then heads on into the office. Most of the people at our gym are over 65 and apparently the older fellows aren't too 'modest' in the men's locker room. Mitchell has some hilarious stories from the goings-on in the locker room when he just keeps his head (and eyes) down. You should ask him.

I hosted a girl's Bible study over the summer. We did Beth Moore's new study, Children of the Light. It's an 8 week long study over 1 & 2 Thessalonians. There was a group of about 10 of us that met every other week over June and July and discussed the homework we did on our own. The summer is always a hard time to stay in the Word and I didn't want to end the summer and be disappointed on wasting the time. I loved getting to make some new friends in the process!

At the end of July, we did a family day trip to San Francisco. We love getting to show visitors around the city but we usually end up taking people to the same popular places. We wanted to go and try new things. It was fun! The city is just so unique and fun to explore (once you are done driving and parking, ick!). I love exploring with my two boys! Logan is 11 months old and is walking! Eek! He has also developed so much lately. He is able to understand how to do a task, how to play a game. It's so neat to watch them come to life and be a person! He just keeps getting betterer and betterer.

At the end of July we got the news that Mitchell's maternal grandfather was not doing well. His health was failing and we knew he didn't have much time left. Sadly, we got the news that he passed away in his sleep on July 28th. We decided that we needed to go home for the services to mourn with family and to celebrate Papaw's life. I'm so glad we did. The services were beautiful and Papaw was buried at DFW National Cemetery on Thursday, July 31st. We got to spend the rest of the weekend in Grand Prairie with family.

Mitchell and I celebrated our THIRD anniversary on August 6th. Y'all, marriage is fun. I have loved living life with Mitchell. Seriously, we are so blessed to get along so well and to enjoy each other so much.

Lastly, as many know, we found out that my dad's tongue/neck cancer had returned. He has gone through two rounds of chemo and is currently in the midst of his third (and final). The support and love our friends and family have shown us has been so lovely so thank you all so much! It helps. We are thankful for the medical treatment my dad can receive and we are thankful for God, who ultimately is in control. He gives good gifts to His children (Matt 7:9-11). There is always something to be thankful for (1 Thess 5:18), even in the midst of pain and suffering. We are looking forward to getting to spend time with them later this month.

Ok, that is all for now! You better believe there will be an update after we get back with pictures from Texas and Disney! Eek! So excited.