Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 so far

On February 26th, Logan will be 6 months old. While January and February is my least favorite time of year, Logan sure has kept things interesting and fun for me.

In the mornings, Logan used to love sitting under his play gym and looking at and playing with the hanging toys. He could sit under that for an hour while I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee.

We rocked his world with the introduction of the exersaucer. You can just imagine the yells of excitement taking place during these pictures! I'm standing up AND playing with toys!!

Pretty soon into the new year, Logan was no longer bound to the confines of his play mat. He chills there for about 15 minutes and then is off to explore new places in our living room. Thankfully he can't get anywhere quick yet but baby proofing is just around the corner.

In late January, we were blessed with a quick visit from Mitchell's best buddy and his wife. We did San Francisco for a day and Napa for a day. It was a BLAST and Logan went along with everything like a champ. We are so thankful for these friends.

While I was pregnant, a group of my friends organized a play group and every Thursday we meet together for a few hours of socializing, for ourselves and the babies. SAHMs, find/create/join a play group if you don't have one. I look forward to these days every week.

Logan has also decided to master sitting up so between the rolling, sitting and army crawling I marvel daily at his progress. When your baby comes out of you doing nothing (except being adorable) it is amazing, absolutely amazing, to see them learn. My heart swells with joy and pride in watching him learn.

And our new endeavor is the introduction of solids. This transition has been hard for me, not gonna lie. As my pediatrician put it, there's a lot of right way to introduce solids, but I still feel a bit overwhelmed about how to go about it and how important certain "rules" are. Are they old wives tales and outdated or are they really important to follow? (Examples: waiting a few days at the introduction of each food to determine any allergies, not giving your kid egg whites in the first year, etc)

Sorry bud, that avocado was a bit too ripe for you to grab

In other non-baby news, Mitchell and I are doing really well too. We are so blessed by friends who love to babysit Logan. These friends are our parent's age with no grandchildren yet so Logan is the surrogate. Because of them, Mitchell and I are able to go on dates and spend time together sans Logan. Watching Mitchell be an awesome dad to Logan is a great joy in my life. I got lucky with that one... well with both of them. :)