Sunday, August 18, 2013

40 Weeks Y'all!

Happy Due Date to us! Check out this ripe belly!

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:
How am I feeling?
Generally speaking, good. I'm walking twice daily, spending time with friends, getting last minute things done around the house, napping plenty, taking it easy and patiently waiting on the arrival of our baby. I am having non-painful Braxton Hicks contractions but they remain inconsistent and mild.
Are we ready?
Yes! Or at least as ready as you can be for a major life change. We can not wait to meet our baby! (I never understood when expecting moms would say this but I totally get it now.) Our excitement about welcoming our new family member far exceeds any nerves about labor & delivery or taking care of a baby.
Do we have a name picked out?
Yes, but it's a secret until he comes.
Is family coming out shortly after the baby comes?
Mitchell's parents will be here the second weekend of September. My parents will come (I think) when my dad is done with radiation treatment and feeling good. Thank goodness for technology so they can still be a part of the excitement.
Do we need anything?
Not yet! :) I'm sure we will be so appreciative of help and support once the baby comes but for now, we're coasting.

I can't believe that after 40 weeks, I am almost done with being pregnant. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I am so very thankful that I have had such an easy pregnancy. I'm sure I'll be a little nostalgic about being pregnant once he's here but I do not think I will ever be one of those people who "love being pregnant".

What I will miss about being pregnant:
- clear skin: I haven't popped a pimple in MONTHS!
- no shedding: my hair has stayed in my head, which is very nice. I hear a good amount of it falls out about 3 months after baby's born though.
- the general excitement people feel for you when you're pregnant, especially with your first
- time with my baby when it's just the two of us and feeling him move inside me

What I will NOT miss about being pregnant:
- feeling huge (obviously)
- comments from strangers judging/assessing my body ("Oh, any day now!", "You have a basketball in there! You must be having a boy.", "You look so good!", "You're looking a little heavy set.", "You look uncomfortable.")
- heart burn (TUMS have been my constant companion)
- nosebleeds (BreatheRights have been my constant sleeping companion)
- consistently gaining weight for the past 9 months
- having to lean over at the waist to hug my husband. I haven't had one of those melt-into-your-arms hugs in quite a while.

We can't wait to introduce our little man to all of our family and friends! Please say a prayer for us for a safe and uncomplicated delivery. Our most important goal with delivery: a healthy baby!

Cheers to becoming parents this week! Happy heart. :)