Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hitting Our Groove

Halloween and Thanksgiving are behind us and we are full swing in the Christmas season! Logan turned 3 months old on November 26th. I finally was feeling like we hit our groove - Logan and I had figured each other out and each day wasn't a new challenge. There was some predictability to it. I stressed too much during the early weeks about if I was "raising" Logan right - am I holding him too much? Do I need to have him on a schedule? Do I need to let him cry it out? Do I need to wean him from night nursing? Why does he scream every time we are in the car? On and on and on... But I have figured out my parenting style (at least so far, and at least for Logan). Be PATIENT. When he turned 9 weeks old it was like a switch flipped and all the sudden he didn't scream in the car. He didn't need to be held all the time - he was content playing on his play mat or sitting in the bouncy seat watching me make dinner. Around 11 weeks old he started sleeping 11-12 hours straight at night. He gained better control of his hands and was able to get his thumb into his mouth and soothe himself. All of those things that I stressed about if I needed to teach him to do, he learned on his own given the time to do it. I'm so so thankful that I didn't make him cry for hours on end to learn something he would learn on his own the very next week. (Side note: I realize that some babies may need a little more coaching, either for your own sanity or for the baby's sake. This is what has worked for Logan, and I suspect it would for some other babies too. Other side note: One night Logan didn't fall asleep nursing so I laid him in his crib to let him fuss for a little bit and hopefully fall asleep on his own. When I went to check on him a few minutes later, his sleep sack arm hole was pulled way too tight on his shoulder and it was cutting off circulation to his arm and his hand had turned red. No wonder why he was fussing)

You may have noticed that I used past tense when mentioning that we hit our groove. This week has completely thrown us for a loop. Logan has decided to learn all kinds of new things this week that have resulted in a kid who is waking up at night again and nursing like a hungry hog who can't get to the trough. (insert tired & crazy mom face here) I'm hoping this is a short phase that passes soon.

But it is so neat to watching him learn and grow, it totally makes the hard parts worth it.

He's learned to push off with his feet while laying on his back.

He can lift his head so high when laying on his tummy.

He can roll onto his back.

He is starting to be able to grab at toys while laying on his tummy (and back).

And cutest of all, he's started giggling. No video yet but you can imagine based on this photo.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends here in Sacramento. When you all live several hours (by plane or car) from your family, your friends become your chosen family. We are truly blessed by these people.

Mitchell had a successful 60" Black Friday experience.

We are loving the Christmas cheer around the house and are so excited to see LOTS of family when we go home for Christmas.