Monday, January 5, 2015

Another great Christmas for the books!

Christmas 2014 was awesome, just a great time with our beloved friends and family. We spent one week with my family, one week with Mitchell's family, one night in Austin without Logan, with several hours of travel in between. Overall the trip went really, really well. Logan adjusted to sleeping in three different places much easier than I thought he would. I think if you just run them to exhaustion then it's easier to get them to sleep wherever, haha. I have learned that Logan wakes up at night and normally puts himself right back to sleep but in a new place, he gets disoriented and cries for us. I had his pack-n-play right next to the bed at night so whenever that happened I'd just "shh" him and he'd lay back down and go back to sleep. There were a few hard moments as I had two minor colds and Logan got a cold that resulted in a fever, coughing and lots of snot. He slept in our bed for a little bit of the night and I learned that co-sleeping with a toddler = no sleeping for me.

Here are some of the highlights in pictures:

Earning his frequent flyer miles
Playing with Uncle Billy and Uncle Ricky
Mimi put these goofy things on him
Visiting an animal shelter with Aunt Liddy on her birthday
Swinging on a swing across the street that my dad built
Holiday baking!
Logan likes queso
Meeting one of my dearest friend's baby, Caleb
My bestest buds
Logan and Santa - eh?
Reading the Night Before Christmas with Daddy
Christmas morning with the Schoelmans!
My mom and brother, Billy
My dad
Aunt Liddy
Christmas morning with the Martins!
Opening gifts!
Logan and Grandpa time
Epic shark hat from Gram, awesome Hot Dog book from Aunt Katy
The Martins and our little Farmer Joe
Driving with Grandpa
Sliding with Aunt Katy
Logan's first rib
Playing with Alicia and Daddy at Aunt Susie's
Park time with Aunt EA!
Aunt Katy helping Logan open up his stocking
"Hug Simba"
Visiting Mama (Logan's great grandmother)
Playing with a track set at Uncle Richard and Aunt Shirley's 
We had lots of puzzle time at Aunt Susie's. Logan "helped".
Swinging with Aunt Susie
Cheesing with Aunt Katy
And that's a wrap, folks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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